Thursday, March 14, 2013


This Lenten season I will focus my writing on what I have experienced in the relationships between suffering, faith and creativity. 

Suffering, Faith and Creativity
Part 4: Space 

I couldn’t hear it beneath the white noise of screens and activity.  I was deaf to its calling among the striving and the hustle of keeping up and keeping together.  I looked for God and was found by Him in other ways, other good and right ways.  But I ignored His voice that whispered to me whenever I stood still long enough to listen, “Create.” 

Busyness was the broom that swept my gifts under the rug of “not now.”  I walked right over them and around them, knowing that they were there, but being too busy or too scared to take a closer look. 

We need space to create.  Not just space around us, but also within us, the kind of space that hollows and empties while filling and stilling. Space that stretches out the walls of our flesh and the confines of our minds.  It is space for the expanding and increasing Spirit, and in it we hear the whispers of His holy voice.  We see the gifts that we have swept away and sense the stirrings that we have ignored.  There is certainly space to be found in joy, in contemplation, in solitude and in company.     

But grief also creates space.  God brings it in the most unwelcomed but most graceful way, through brokenness.  In this space, His whispers echo and pound within us.  The screens and the activities are silenced.  The hustle and the striving are stilled. And the strong, soft sound of His voice penetrates straight through the faded noise.  “Fear not,” He says to me.  “Create.” I can hear it now. 

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