Monday, December 31, 2012

Small and Simple

(It has been an honor to be a part of building a school in Haiti with the Legacy Project of Help One Now thanks to our friends who donated many bricks in honor of Webb. The project is now fully funded and the doors will soon open for the children.)

When I think about the Legacy Project of Help One Now, I imagine the bricks laid, the mortar spread, the walls slowly inching higher and wider. I think about the backs bent and the hands scraped, the sweat dripped and the knees cracked.  I envision the desks arranged and the books organized, the pencils sharpened and the doors opened.  I think about the uniforms pressed and the shoes tied, the teeth brushed and the hair combed, the child eager.  Small, simple parts of a big, beautiful whole.

I think about my son, the one who now lives among the heavenly hosts.  I remember the two dimples around the smile, the side part of the blonde strands, the eyes like deep water and the hands still chubby like those of a baby. I think about my time with him, the books read while he nestled, the tears wiped when he hurt, the two arms that squeezed my neck, the kisses given and returned. I look back on his life, the first steps, the words learned, the spirit tender, the heart proud.  Small, simple parts of a big, beautiful whole.   

I struggle with how to do it.  How do I honor heaven with my life on earth?...

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