Thursday, November 15, 2012


Toes grip the edge
Shoulders lean over
Looking for known, finding desire

I feel it; the stirring,
The breaking through,
The pushing back

I sense it; the rising up,
The swelling within,
The brimming over

Shattered heart rattles
Tired hands tremble
Edging towards Unknown.

Brain is dizzy
From soul stirring
Fumbling for solid ground.

Is this the way to new joy?
Shedding and shaking?
Purging and risking?

This? This life on the edge?
Flesh shouting for safety?
Spirit begging for adventure?

Is this the way to wholeness?
Doubting mind gathering heart pieces to protect?
Believing soul cupping heart pieces to scatter?

Is this the way to the Cross?
Toes curling and shoulders leaning?
Shards of shattered heart pieces rattling?

This? This promise of pain?
This stepping out?
This wondering if holy hands will catch?

image via pinterest