Thursday, October 4, 2012


A leaf, fire red, lies caked onto wet pavement
Flashing signs of autumn’s arrival,
While orange and brown and yellow rain down
From trees undressing.
Green kale twists and curls
Where the vines of cucumbers once gnarled and knotted.
The sun speaks kindly now,
Hoarse from the rowdy screams of summer.
Gentle and cruel,
Autumn is calling. 
Though I lock knees and dig heels,
October ushers me in with crisp air and warming hue.
Will you be gentler this year?
Will your winds whisper anew or yet again whip?
My words dissolve as leaves decay. 
Yellow floats and mockingbird migrates
While I wait for October’s reply. 
Silently he shakes the trunk of the oak,
Pouring down red and orange and brown.
I stand drenched in his melting colors
For autumn is upon me.  

image from Pinterest