Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach Week

The sun washes my skin in spilt shine and heat.  The sea cleanses my thoughts with fresh vision.  The sand scrubs the dirt that builds up over time in the forgotten spaces.  

There is no vacation from grief and no escape from loss.  Pain is my luggage that is always packed, and no one can carry this bag for me.  

But all of this sun and water and sand have me breathing new life.  The salt hidden between my toes and pressed against my skin preserves my faint spirit and renews my wandering heart.  The waves shout “hallelujah” with every crash on the shore. 

By this water, I am cleansed and in this sun, I am shining.  I am baptized by the beach, made new by the sand.  In this heat, I am the light of the world and in this ocean, I am the salt of the earth.