Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine

I cut red and I glue hearts. I smile sad and happy knowing that this mama was the only Valentine he ever had. I write this verse on his Valentine’s card. These words I write not because Webb needs to hear them today or ever again, but because I made a vow. When God first breathed life into Webb, I vowed that as his mother, I would breathe Truth into him. At the time I did not know that these exhales of love meant to give life to my son would instead resuscitate me. As I write the verse on his card, I whisper these words, “This is Truth, my son. His love is real.”  Whispers grow loud as I sense my own heart’s deafness. But turning up the volume does not cure the condition, so I continue my whispered chant. Yes I know that Webb now lives in complete truth and love and that he no longer needs his mama’s teaching. But today, as I pen a Valentine to my son in heaven, I realize that it is God’s love letter to me. I read His words that I have written down on this pink card. My voice sleeps as my heart awakens to the sound of a holy whisper, faint and distant, but surprisingly strong, “This is Truth, my daughter. My love is real.”